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Nightwish Stills

Welcome to NightwishStills, a weekly icon contest dedicated to the Finnish metal band Nightwish :) Please read all the rules before joining.

1. You must submit your own icon. (This one speaks for itself right?) Only submit your OWN work, NOT someone else's. Not even if they tell you to.
2. It's a STILLS, community so no animation. If your icon has animation in it I'll simply not put it up for voting.
3. Your submissions must fit LJ's icon standards. If you don't know them then read and learn: 100x100 or smaller, 40kb or smaller and gif,jpg,png formats only.
4. NO stealing. If you want to take an icon someone has made just ask.
5. Don't tell your friends to vote for you because that's lame and everyone will think you are sad.
6. All icons and submissions must remain anonymous until after the challenge ends so keep your icon out of other icon communities/journals UNTIL its over. Then you can do whatever the hell you want.
7. All voting is done through screened comments so only you and me can see ;)
8. Icons must be submitted in this format:


For past challenges and winners, check out the new archive section of the Community User Info!

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Ah yes more to come :)

About Layout

This layout was created by ME imaginaryxlies! PLEASE don't steal it, seriously if you want me to make you a similar layout just ask! I'd be happy to :)

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[Saturday, 9th May 2009 ; 3:55pm]

Feel For You

[Monday, 4th May 2009 ; 8:22pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]

VOTECollapse )

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[Friday, 1st May 2009 ; 12:54pm]

7 entries..much better! Would like m0ar but voting will be up sunday or monday night.

Also plz be patient with me, I work full time now at a law firm so my little brain sometimes forgets deadlines I set ^^;
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[Tuesday, 28th April 2009 ; 9:38pm]

4 entries..not enough :S
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[Tuesday, 21st April 2009 ; 6:24pm]

[ mood | tired ]

Challenge 66!Collapse )

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[Thursday, 16th April 2009 ; 8:35pm]

I'm not too sure what to do with this comm. anymore. I know things in the Nightwish world are a little slow, but it seems the same people over and over again are entering and its a little boring to be honest.

Hiatus? Continue? Idk dudes. you tell me.
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WINNARS [Thursday, 12th March 2009 ; 11:27am]

[ mood | happy ]

first place


second place


WOO! *confetti*

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[Monday, 9th March 2009 ; 12:59pm]

Hey guys, everytime I try to put winners up I get kicked straight off the computer -.- So I FINALLY got on today AAAAND

we have a tie for first place

SOOOOO some more people have to vote. Kapeesh?
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[Wednesday, 4th March 2009 ; 8:26pm]

[ mood | content ]

VOTECollapse )

Feel For You

[Monday, 2nd March 2009 ; 1:35pm]

Sorry guys, was gonna put voting up this weekend but been helping my boyfriend move house and I still am! I'll try putting it up tomorrow night or day after k! Sorry!
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[Sunday, 22nd February 2009 ; 5:34pm]

5 looovely entries, but more are needed! Get entering!
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[Tuesday, 17th February 2009 ; 2:33pm]

HOHOHO! Challenge 64!!Collapse )
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[Monday, 12th January 2009 ; 11:08pm]

YEAH dudes! Finally enough votes to post winners XD Thanks to all the heap of people who voted, much appreciated :)

best pair:

by: maskofpride

best stand alone:

by: nilhuanwen

I can not believe its taken a month to post these! COME ON GUUYS GET MOTIVATED XD (I'm in a super motivated mood today. I had a super awesome day so yeah WOOOOO)
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[Wednesday, 7th January 2009 ; 5:24pm]

many, many votes are needed
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[Wednesday, 31st December 2008 ; 1:38pm]

[ mood | creative ]

VOTE >:SCollapse )

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[Sunday, 21st December 2008 ; 6:14pm]

I refuse to put voting up with only 3 entrants. I know its Christmas time and busy time and all, hell this is the first day I've been home properly in two weeks.


this challenge extended til after Christmas and when I get my shit together


when someone feels like entering


merry christmas duuudes :)
Feel For You

[Tuesday, 16th December 2008 ; 12:27pm]

[ mood | curious ]

I'm going to leave the challenge open a bit longer, I know a lot of people must be as busy as I am >.< SO

3 people have entered

I'd LOOVE to see at least 2 more

come on

I know you have it in you!

Feel For You

[Sunday, 7th December 2008 ; 5:34pm]

Guys! Two people have entered so there's four entries. Id reeally REALLY love to see a lot of participation cause I like this challenge a lot! Come on guuuys! Enterr!
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[Tuesday, 2nd December 2008 ; 2:30pm]

[ mood | rushed ]

Challenge 62!Collapse )

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[Friday, 28th November 2008 ; 3:49pm]

Hey guys, ill be putting the new challenge up tomorrow but before I do that, I want to know what kind of challenges you guys like doing best.

So if you could comment and let me and our lovely co-mod know what your favourite type of challenge is, id greatly appreciate it!

For example, picture challenges, color challenges, hush, grey scale, etc.

Also, I finally got my computer back that has photoshop so should be a new spiffy layout up XD
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